What We Do and Why We Do It.

Every day, individuals young and old rely on current and emerging technology to inform, connect, assist, and engage them with content and people from around the world. These individuals are business professionals, healthcare providers, students, teachers, engineers, government employees, and entrepreneurs. Every day, these individual life occurrences are specific experiences with IT. These specific IT experiences can determine an individual’s perception, knowledge, motive, mood, or decision making.

Transforming IT Experiences.

Core BTS has accepted the responsibility: to listen, learn and communicate to create, provide, and support innovative technology solutions for its valued customers, employees, and investors. Since 1984, Core BTS, Inc., has provided business technology solutions to a wide variety of industries, helping companies achieve their goals, streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance their bottom lines. Core BTS’ story is one of convergence – bringing together the right people and organizations to build a leading provider of business technology solutions.

Core BTS is a Trusted Partner.
Core BTS provides support, knowledge, familiarity, and guidance to its valued customers, as well as its global vendor community, by combining breadth in geographic coverage, depth in talent and vast vertical experience.

Core BTS is a Solution Innovator and Experience Transformer.
Core BTS integrates technologies from global leaders with its Professional Services Organization and a proven delivery framework to customize solutions that deliver innovative experiences for the life of the partnership.


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